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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Year My Voice Broke


The movie "The Year My Voice Broke" is another example of fine Australian cinematography. It was filmed just "up the road" at nearby Braidwood, and followed up with the sequel "Flirting".

To me it brings back memories of my articleship in the (c)old country. Unlike my fellow-articled clerks who had got their matriculation and were already shaving, I was a miserable, skinny little runt of fourteen.

Despite my physical and chronological shortcomings, I had already been entrusted with handling complicated claims which loss adjusters twice my age may have found challenging (did I tell you that I served articles with a large insurance company?)

Following my lengthy telephone conversations with one particular policy holder, the company received a letter from him which began, "Dear Sirs, in regard to our telephonic discussions with your Miss Görmann ..."

That was the year my voice hadn't broken yet, and for the next three years I wasn't allowed to live it down! A nice little story to remember a great Australian movie by (note that it is permissible to end a sentence with a preposition, despite a durable superstition that it is an error).

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