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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Isn't it about time the National Archives put me on some sort of commission?


It's amazing how few people know anything about the amazing job the National Archives are doing in preserving all those precious records of migrants who came here in the 50s and 60s under the Assisted Migrant Scheme - for more information click here.

I requested my own records many years ago, and over the years must've asked scores of others if they knew that they could obtain their own migration records by doing a quick search and paying a small fee in exchange for a wealth of information about themselves and, if they were not an unaccompanied migrant like myself, their families.

I recently ordered the records of an old friend who had sadly passed away five years ago, to give as a memento to his children, and still more recently asked two ex-Germans in the area, "Did you know ...?"

The Weber family arrived on the Dutch ship "Oldenbarnevelt"

In both cases the reply, spoken with real surprise, was, "I had no idea!" which prompted me to place the orders for them.

The "Skaubryn"

Isn't it about time the National Archives put me on some sort of a commission?

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