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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Last Cab to Darwin


Any movie with Michael Caton in it - remember "The Castle"? - can't be bad; add Ningali Lawford of "Rabbit-Proof Fence" as Polly and Mark Coles Smith as Tilly, and you have something very special.

The euthanasia device invented by the fictional Nicole Farmer in the film is based on Australian physician Philip Nitschke's Deliverance Machine, and the movie itself is modeled on the true story of Max Bell, a taxi driver from Broken Hill who made the 3000 kilometre trip from Broken Hill to Darwin in 1996 seeking euthanasia.

Like Rex in the film, Bell also drove back to Broken Hill, but Bell did so reluctantly. He had been unable to obtain the signatures required to proceed with euthanasia in Darwin and died slowly in hospital in Broken Hill, the fate he was trying to avoid.

And there's a lovely ending to a lovely movie as well. Enjoy it!

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