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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Bayview Hotel is complying with COVID-19 rules


September is our windy month - as is December, March, October, June, January, April, July, February, November, May, and August - so, unable to take up my usual outdoor activity of sitting on the verandah and drinking wine, we made a quick dash into the Bay where I was pleased to discover that the hotel has restricted access to its kids' playground to just ONE child. Full marks, Bayview!

I was also pleased to note that, after much urging, Woolworths have opened a new "PEDANTIC LANE - 12 items or fewer (fewer, not less)".

As I wrote earlier, it was just a quick dash into town as Padma wants to join the "crafty" women in the Nelligen church for their weekly "Stitch & Bitch" meeting which gives me a chance to keep reading Rob Mundle's "Great South Land", the extraordinary story of how Dutch sailors found Australia and an English pirate almost beat Captain Cook.



I for one am glad it was Captain Cook who finally, on the 28th of April 1770, hoisted the Union Jack at Botany Bay because I couldn't possibly have stomached eating "Hagelslag" on bread for breakfast each morning.

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