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Friday, September 4, 2020

What a powerful combination!


Old School is an Australian television drama series that screened on ABC1 from 23 May to 11 July 2014. The eight-part series follows the adventures of retired criminal Lennie Cahill and retired cop Ted McCabe, played by Bryan Brown and Sam Neill.

As its creator Paul Oliver says: "'Old School' was born from my short film 'Lennie Cahill Shoots Through', and is a love letter to Sydney, its shady corners, its unique characters and its rich history of cops, crims and all those in between."

I never saw 'Old School' on television, and never found a copy on ebay, but Padma's friend Dieidree has the DVD which she's going to lend us today when they have their weekly coffee-get-together in town.

Bryan Brown and Sam Neill - what a powerful combination! I can't wait to make a night of it tonight, helped along by a glass (or two or three) of Chateau Cardboard and some crackers and cheese (you may join us, Des, if you like. Just grab a couple of Cokes and your red plastic chair!)

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P.S. The morning after the night before: we binge-watched the whole 420 minutes of OLD SCHOOL last night, from six-ish until past midnight. It's simply the best cops-and-robbers show ever! Thanks, Dieidree!