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Thursday, September 10, 2020

They're (still) a weird mob

Continue viewing the second half of the movie by clicking here.
If you still want to read the book first, click here.


There are hundreds of ways we could spend this sunny Sunday afternoon. Or we could just stay at home and do nothing. Perhaps that would be best of all. To rest on the seventh day. To thank God for letting us be here. To thank Him for letting me be an Australian. If I am ever fortunate enough to reach Heaven, I will know I am there when I hear Him say, 'Howyergoin'mate orright?'"

That's how Nino Culotta's masterpiece of a book, "They're a Weird Mob", ends. They say you should always read the book before you see the movie - except others will tell you the opposite - but as I'm sure you've already read it, I'll let you go and get stuck into the movie right away.

I must've watched it a hundred times, and I never get tired of it because every time I watch it, it takes me back to 1965, the year I arrived here. And ever since then, I've thanked Him for letting me be an Australian.

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P.S. And here's a clip from the movie's world premiere in Sydney: