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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The hundred-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared


My DVD-shopping list is growing - and not only because of overly long movie titles: I added "The hundred-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared" to my list when an ex-New Guinea-mate who every six months climbs out of his rut and disappears to a new locale recommended it to me. While I can not escape domestic boredom, I can at least follow his taste in movies.

As for the others, there are "Cry, the beloved country", "Children of the corn", "The last picture show", "Two hands", "Sirens", and "Shame". "Rams" and "Nomadland" will be added as soon as they're out on DVD.

In the meantime, "Der Untergang", "Smoke", and "I, Daniel Blake" have arrived in the mail and are awaiting my viewing pleasure which I shall indulge in as soon as I can put down the books I'm currently reading.

Did you notice the plural in 'books'? As a card-carrying member of the compulsive readers' society, I'm always double-booked - at least double-booked! Sometimes I have so many books lying opened up and belly-down, the place looks like a Swiss village with little chalets everywhere.

Woody Allen once said that the advantage of bisexuality is that it doubles your chances of finding a date on a Saturday night. In the same way a bifurcated reading brain can be similarly satisfying, and not just on a Saturday night but every night. I admit that what I read - and also how I read - speaks, well, volumes about me. In my defense, all I can say is that my readaholism is a lot less harmful than other's alcoholism.

By the way, have you noticed how interconnected and "controlling" the internet is? Last night I Google-d for infrared heater panels - apparently the greatest thing since the old hotwater bottle - and it's been following me around ever since: open YouTube.com and there, in the right-hand panel, is an advert for an infrared heater panel; open ebay.com.au and there, above my watch list, are several adverts for infrared heater panels; and when I open my email account at mail.com, guess what's on top of my inbox? Yep, an advertisement for infrared heater panels.

I thought I just let you know in case you're surprised to see so many ads for penis enlargers on your computer screen.

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