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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Enjoy the petrichor and porridge!


There's something magical about early morning, this gentle phasing out of the night and the slow start to a new day, when I brew my first cup of tea - ginger with a touch of vanilla - and watch the porridge bubble on the stove.

It rained last night and everything looks fresh and green. And that smell in the air! (or petrichor, as my friend Des would call it) It makes you all but forget about coronavirus and all the other miseries in the world.

It takes you right back to a time more than half a century ago, before life had knocked the stuffing out of you, and before you had begun to feel all cynical and grumpy about everything. Of course, this magical moment won't last and soon the rest of the world will wake up too.

Until it does, enjoy the petrichor and porridge!

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