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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Walk into Paradise


I spent the last few hours in a contemplative mood watching an old movie, WALK INTO PARADISE. It hasn't much of a storyline but the New Guinea Highlands scenery is wonderful to watch!

As my old friend Noel used to say, "My spiritual home will always be New Guinea". He said it as he tried to settle at Caboolture in the late 70s, and he said it again after he had moved to Mt Perry, and was still saying it in Childers where he passed away in 1995.

After having spent his whole working life in New Guinea, Australia had become a foreign country. As so many others (myself included), he had become a lost soul after leaving New Guinea. We hadn't gone there because of a particular job but because of the country which offered something for everyone, be he missionary, moneymaker, or misfit.

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